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Discover the exquisite art of yarn care with our Private Label Yarn Care Line, specially crafted to elevate your yarn shop's identity and create an enchanting customer experience.

Embrace the goodness of nature with our range of premium Yarn Mist, Wool and Silk mousse Wash, and more – all carefully made with natural ingredients. Infused with the finest essential oils, our Yarn Care Line pampers delicate fibers, leaving them soft, rejuvenated, and gently scented.


Customize each product with your shop's logo and a unique label design that reflects your brand's essence. Delight your customers with the irresistible combination of natural goodness and captivating aromas.


  • Minimum 20 units per fragrance
  • Graphic design with additional cost 
  • No additional cost when you provide your design
  • all-natural, plant-based ingredients
  • we use only essential oils for fragance


Let us help you showcase your commitment to quality and sustainability. Contact us at to begin crafting your exclusive Yarn Care Line today.


Elevate your yarn shop's charm with the power of nature!


**This listing is for inquiries only**

**Price list and options will be delivered by email**

Private label, yarn care line - inquiry

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