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Review from Knitty Magazine
The Lazadas blocking wires come in variety of different sets, with different numbers of different length wires. The one I tested, the "Mix", has seven in the package: four 35-inch ones, and three 70" ones, with 30 t-pins. MSRP on that particular set is $29.00.
The wires are more flexible than the usual, providing a couple of distinct advantages over the more traditional wires.  You can coil them up for easy storage, which makes the package ideal for travel. Exactly the sort of thing I would take with me to teach a class...
Blocking lace shawl
Blocking lace shawl
Review from Dayana knits
I Take It All Back -- I Love Blocking Wires!
A few weeks ago, I posted about my favorite ways to block knits (defined: stretching your knitting out flat to make pieces look really nice). In that post, I inserted a snide little comment about how I really didn't like blocking wires... well, guess what came in the mail for review a week later? A sweetly packaged set of super-flexible blocking wires from Lazadas knitting accessories!...
Review from A Playful Day
I will be attending the Great London Yarn Crawl on 20th September 2014. See you there?
With a hint of Autumn comes a call for knitters to embrace knitting season and knit so we're thinking about doing it together in a multicraftual way over on the Playful Day group. 
I review Lazadas blocking wires and have 2 sets to give away. To enter, please leave a comment below before 30th August 2014 telling me what you'd block with the wires. One comment per person and I'll select via random number generator and announce the winner on the show next time. Good luck!
You can find all of Lazadas current retailers here or order directly from their site linked above...


Review from Pringeling hobby
Jeg har endelig fått tak i noe jeg har ønsket meg i mange år: nemlig blokkevaiere. Jeg har fått mitt sett fra Lazadas på Etsy, og det til det nette pris av 186 kroner! Og det beste av er at hun sender til Norge, og frakter var også kjempelav, mener å huske den var så lav som 30 kroner, faktisk. Siden varen koster under 200 kroner trenger man heller ikke å tenke på moms eller toll og jeg fikk de raskt i posten. Jeg har det settet som består av 3 lange (180 cm) og 4 korte (90 cm) vaiere, i tillegg til 30 T-pins. Jeg tentke jeg skulle vise dere vaierne i aksjon, og tilå blokke dette sjalet brukte jeg de tre lange vaierne...


Blocking crochet shawl
Review from Underground crafter
Review: Lazadas Blocking Wires
Posted by Underground Crafter on March 19, 2014
Recently, I was invited by astridl on Ravelry to review a set of blocking wires from her company, Lazadas. Since, like many crocheters, I have a love/hate relationship with blocking, I thought I’d share the review as part of mycelebration of (Inter)National Crochet Month. ...
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