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Astrid, How do you describe yourself?

Mother of three, Hard worker, Obsessive knitter with more UFO's than a life time, Crafty, Yarn stash grower, Sometimes creative.


Why Lazadas?

- Because functional can be also beautiful.

- Because you love to knit (or crochet, or both) as much as I do and you like to take your knitting a step forward.

How everything started?

Long story short          (If you want the long story, just contact me)... 

When I was pregnant with my first son I reconnected with knitting. I wasn't happy with the market options at the time (yes, I'm a snob knitter!) and started to buy all my needles, yarn and knitting accessories from the web. Then I realized they weren't pretty enough (as I said, I'm a snob knitter), then I started to design on my own.

My Raverly name is astridl and I'll be glad to see your projects! 

Who else is Lazadas?

Lazadas is all my family, my husband (without his support nothing would be possible) and my grandma, who taught me how to knit when I was a little girl.

Lazadas are my knitting pals with their opinions and ideas.

Lazadas are all my loyal customers who are not afraid of new products.

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