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Try your project as you knit!


Perfect cables to use as stitch holders and as lifeline.

It's super easy to transfer your live stitches on to the cords by inserting your knitting needles tip in to the hollow cord and slide your stitches from the needles to the cord.  Once the stitches have been placed onto the wire, you can tie a knot on the wire and keep them all in place. 

These wires are made from 100%  Silicone, they are smooth and won't damage your yarn. Fit up to US 10.5 (6.5 mm) knitting needles, depending on the material.

The kit contains:
* 2 x 30'' (76 cm) silicone cables
* 1 x 60'' (152 cm) silicone cable

Available in 9 colors: Teal, Pink, Purple, Light blue, Neon pink, Neon green, Neon yellow, White and Gray

Flexible stitch holders, knitting cord

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